Men’s scrubs is the highest-ranked search term for nurses.

Wait, what?

Even though the number of male nurses has nearly tripled since 1970, male nurses still only account for roughly 10% of the total nurses nationwide.

What gives?

Well, if you’ve ever worn women’s scrubs, you know that they often have that fitted cut that not everyone likes. That’s why many women nurses wear men’s scrubs because they have a looser, more comfortable fit.

So for all you guys – and ladies – out there who are looking for the best men’s scrubs, here’s a list of the top 5 brands as reviewed by nurses.

But wait!

Some things to consider before buying your men’s scrubs:

  • Material Blend

While cotton is comfortable and breathable, it’s not as durable as the blends with synthetic fabrics. Cotton also wrinkles like crazy.

Look for scrubs that are a blend, usually about 60% cotton, 35-40% polyester. Some will also add rayon or spandex for stretchiness.

  • Fit

There are quite a few different fits you can choose from, especially for the pants. You can go for comfort, style or utility. There’s baggier styles and closer-fitting tapered cuts.

Tops – choose from button-downs, V-necks or a traditional cut

Pants – styles include joggers, slim fit, regular and cargo pants.

  • Pockets

It can’t be overstated that more pockets are always better – unless you’re the type to lose a pen in a pocket (ahem, guilty).

  • Drawstring or Button-Fly

Just a personal preference, but most scrub pants will have a drawstring waist. Others offer button-flys. Some may have a regular style button/zipper fly.

So now, let’s get to those men’s scrubs. Here’s the top men’s scrubs that get the best reviews from nurses and online buyers.

FIGS Scrubs

Stylish design with several different pant options and lots of pockets.




Cherokee Men’s Workwear

A wide variety of fits and color combos – (check out their superhero print tops).




Landau Scrubs

Offers unisex styles and stretch fabrics.




Carhartt Scrubs

Known for their durability and comfortable tag-less design.




Elements Scrubs

Premium, stretchy fabric scrubs with great fit.




With this many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect fit and style to keep you comfortable – and looking good – all shift long.


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