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I don’t know about you but my only experience with compression socks had been the ugly tan pair of knee-highs my grandma wore daily for her edema.

So when I started researching compression socks for a series of posts, I had quite a few ‘hmm, didn’t know that” moments.

It’s probably that early bias that had me surprised to learn just how many different types of people wear compression socks, sometimes daily. They wear compression socks for lots of different reasons too.

Sure many people wear them for health conditions, but people also wear compression socks for work, sports, travel, and just general health.

We’re going to look at the reasons for wearing compression socks and why men should be wearing compression socks?

Compression socks are a piece of clothing that every man should own, and we’re going to give you three, easy and obvious reasons why – but first, let’s talk about how they work and what they do.

In the end, we’ll also give you three of the best brands of compression socks for men to choose from.


What Are Compression Socks?


Compression socks are made with strong elastics that exert a firm, yet gentle pressure on the feet, ankles, and calves (sometimes the upper thigh too with thigh-high versions).

This pressure is called graduated pressure, meaning that it is strongest at the feet and ankle and lessens as it goes up toward the calves.

They can be made from a variety of materials, some of which include Merino wool, but for the most part, they’re a mixture of nylon and spandex. You can find them in the ankle, knee, or thigh-length. The most popularly worn length is knee-length.


What Do Compression Socks Do?


This firm and gentle graduated pressure act as a supportive force for the veins and arteries in your lower extremities, promoting healthy blood flow. This increased blood flow has several positive health effects, including:

  • Less pain and swelling
  • Helps prevent blood clots
  • Helps prevent blood pooling
  • May reduce varicose veins
  • Reduces foot and leg fatigue
  • Promotes recovery

As a bonus, if your feet are always cold, compression socks with that increased blood flow help keep your feet feeling warmer.


3 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Compression Socks


Yeah, that’s great, but I don’t have any health problems. Even if you don’t have any problems, here are three reasons why you should be wearing compression socks anyway.


1. You Work On Your Feet

Work in a busy hospital or on building sites? Do you spend most of the workday on your feet? If you do, you also know how bad your dogs can be barking at the end of the day.

Compression socks are the secret weapon of people who work on their feet. That firm pressure keeps your legs energized, less painful and will help prevent swollen feet.

They’re also great to prevent or help treat foot pain from plantar fasciitis, common for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.


2. You’re An Athlete Or Exercise A Lot

They’ve done studies on the benefits of wearing compression socks for athletes. None have found definitive proof one way or another of their effectiveness, but for peak athletic performance you need good blood flow and compression socks do that.

Athletes who swear by compression socks say they:

  • Aid performance by increasing blood flow
  • Help with recovery after games or heavy workouts


3. You Want To Preserve Your Health

Some men just wear them daily to maintain general health. Even if you’re not an athlete or a nurse who spends all day on his feet, wearing compression socks daily can help keep your feet in good running shape.

TIP: If you’re a health worker it is a good day for you as we have in handy the best brand of compression socks for nurses.

Compression socks are also beneficial to help prevent varicose veins – because guys, women aren’t the only ones who get spider veins.

And if you frequently take long flights, compression socks will help prevent blood clots from forming in your legs – very dangerous for your health.


What Are The Best Compression Socks For Men?


So we’ve hyped up compression socks – you ready to buy some? Great, because we’ve found the three top brands for you.


PHYSIX – Best Athletic Compression Socks For Men


These high-performance athletic compression socks give you medical-grade firmness for those extra-long workouts and stamina for the entire game.


PHYSIX Compression Socks For Men


This unisex design is rated at 20 – 30 mmHg (high) and is suitable for any sport, activity or general use.

  • 70% nylon, 30% spandex
  • 20 – 30 mmHg
  • Reduces swelling
  • Aids recovery
  • Stay-Put cuffs


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Dr. Scholl’s – Best Men’s Compression Socks For Work


Dr. Scholl’s gives you the perfect amount of compression, comfort, and moisture-wicking for all-day performance in any work environment.


Dr. Scholl’s Compression Socks


Rated at low (8 – 15 mmHg) compression, it makes them perfect to wear for a long shift.

  • 50% polyester, 46% nylon, 4% spandex
  • 8 – 15 mmHg
  • Arch support
  • Cushioned heel
  • Anti-microbial


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Sockwell – Most Stylish (And Warmest) Compression Socks For Men


No reason you can’t get your compression sock with a little style – and warmth. Try the Sockwell Argyle compression sock made with genuine Merino wool.


Sockwell Compression Socks


Not only will they keep your feet warm and compressed – you’ll look good in them. If keeping your feet warm is a concern we have listed the compression socks for cold feet check it out and be free of your discomfort.

  • Made with Merino wool
  • 15 – 20 mmHg
  • High performance design
  • Argyle pattern is stylish


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So if you’re not convinced that as a man you should be wearing compression socks on the regular – I’ve got nothing else for you and you sir are an indestructible machine.

But if you think you may try a pair – do it. After a week see how you feel. I think you’ll agree that every man should own at least one pair it would be unfair for you to miss the amazing benefits of compression socks

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