Many of us need fresh starts. It may be that you want to get back to family and friends, or you may be feeling adventurous and feel a new location will offer better opportunities. There are multiple reasons for wanting to pick up and move, which means having to locate new employment. One of the toughest challenges in this scenario is finding a job in a new place when you don’t already have an established network.

Networking to Land an Interview

One of your best choices for landing an interview for a possible job is to do some networking. Colleagues and friends in the city are a great resource. You can also do some networking with anyone who has professional or personal connections in your field.

Not having an established network in your new city will make it more challenging to secure that desired success in your new place. Studies have shown more than 80% of jobs are secured through networking. The NurseHive has a forum you can join to engage in discussions with other nursing professionals. These forums may have information for you on how to begin a network system in your new location.

Establish a Network to Land a New Job

Don’t be afraid to network, as it is not a sign of being pushy or annoying. Networking allows you to get to know people, and whether or not you realize it, you network everywhere you go every day. When you use the forum at NurseHive, you will introduce yourself and share your experiences and knowledge. You will also gain knowledge and perhaps connect with others who can help you move forward in your job search.

Networking Taps the Job Market

Networking can take some planning when you intend to use it to land a new job. This effective tool in your job search can make valuable connections in your chosen field. NurseHive offers a place to connect with other nurses and learn how they have succeeded in their careers.

Network connections offer employers more of an insight into who you are than your resume or cover letter can give them. These connections also put you ahead of the piles of other applicants and make you become more than someone on a sheet of paper. You may even get advanced tips on new positions before they are publicly posted. This advanced notice gives you the advantage of getting noticed before the herd of applicants appears.

NurseHive allows you to engage in discussions critical to the success of nurses. Participating in these forums can create a significant connection you can use to find the right job and to succeed in your career.

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