Nursing school is challenging and can be difficult at times.

Nursing students need to master a wide range of complex topics. From the intricacies of pharmacology and drug interactions to the detailed understanding of human anatomy, nursing theories, and critical care procedures – the learning curve can be steep.

However, there is a wealth of knowledge and materials out there to help demystify and decode these subjects. We’ve got a great list of targeted nursing cheat sheets, study guides, and more to help you navigate these difficult subjects so that in no time, calculating medication dosages and doing patient assessments will seem like second nature – not to mention acing your final test as nurse: the NCLEX exam.

Study Guides and Pocket Guides

Navigating through the extensive curriculum of nursing school can be daunting, but with the right study guides and pocket guides, mastering complex subjects becomes more manageable. These guides offer detailed explanations, key concepts, and are tailored to cater to the specific needs of nursing students. Whether you’re preparing for entrance exams, tackling pharmacology, or gearing up for the NCLEX, these resources are indispensable.

General guides:


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Need more? Here’s our full list of the best NCLEX study guides for nursing students and nurses with everything from full guides, fact guides, and study plans.

Anatomy & Physiology:

Need more? Here’s a great list of anatomy books for nursing students.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are a nursing student’s best friend for quick study sessions and on-the-spot reference. They condense vast amounts of information into digestible, easy-to-remember formats. From medical terminology to nursing lab values, these cheat sheets cover a wide array of topics, making them an essential part of any nursing student’s toolkit.

Cheat Sheet Set:


Flashcards are an effective and interactive way to enhance memory and learning. They are particularly useful for subjects like pharmacology and pathophysiology, where memorization of terms and concepts is key. They’re also great ways to supercharge your NCLEX exam study sessions. These flashcard sets are specifically designed for nursing students, providing a fun and engaging way to study and retain critical information.


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Patho Phlash!: Pathophysiology Flash Cards


In today’s digital age, apps have become an integral part of education. For nursing students, these apps provide a wealth of information at their fingertips, from clinical guidelines to drug information and diagnostic tools. They are an excellent resource for on-the-go learning and quick reference.

Apps for each of these can be found in the Apple App Store for you iPhone users or on Google Play for those of you with an Android device.

  • Epocrates – get all of the essential, continually researched and updated clinical information you need.
  • Picmonic For Nursing School – supercharge your studying and test taking with this powerful mnemonic study app geared for nursing students and new nurses.
  • Lippincott Nursing – Lippincott Nursing Advisor is an app equipped with thousands of evidence-based clinical entries in the categories of diseases & conditions, signs & symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments.
  • Medscape – purposeful information on OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements. Nurses can gain useful knowledge with 6200+ articles for decision-making support. The best feature of Medscape is its clinical tools which include a drug interaction checker, calculators, and a pill identifier.

Online NCLEX Prep Courses

Yeah, this is a shameless plug for NurseHive’s online NCLEX prep course, but our system is designed to give nursing students an edge with a comprehensive and effective study experience. With our unique approach, we offer several key features to ensure you’re well-prepared to ace the NCLEX exam so you can achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. We offer:

24/7 Unlimited Access: Practice with random, rapid-fire review questions anytime and anywhere, accessible via laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Community Support: Engage with a community of peers for question-solving, rational understanding, and learning new concepts.

Test Score Improvement: Leveraging community support can increase test scores by up to 3%.

Real-Time Scoring: Get immediate feedback on your performance with real-time scoring percentages.

Time Tracking: Monitor the time spent per question, helping you manage your pace effectively.

Adaptive Questions: Experience a test environment that varies questions based on your answers, similar to the actual NCLEX testing methodology.

This course is tailored to not only enhance your knowledge retention but also to simulate the real NCLEX exam environment, boosting your confidence and readiness.

With the right resources at your disposal, the journey through nursing school can be both successful and enriching instead of nerve-wracking and anxiety filled. These study guides, cheat sheets, flashcards, and apps are designed to streamline your learning process, making complex topics easier to understand, digest, and learn.

Now, armed with these secret weapons, your tests, clinical rotations, and the final NCLEX hurdle are nothing more than a validation that yes, you do know what you’re doing and you’re ready to become a nurse.

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