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Don’t study alone! NurseHive’s NCLEX-RN Prep methodology is designed to provide you the best opportunity to pass the NCLEX-RN exam on your first attempt, provide you immediate invaluable feedback, and support the 6 most important preparation techniques that lead to exam success.

There are 6 strategic study techniques that are critical to exam success, and when used properly increase your test scores and passing probability.


Time Commitment

Optimal commitment to test preparation leads to test success. Successful students prepare on average 13 weeks prior to their exam date.


Practice Exams

Successful students leverage practice exams frequently. This can increase your test scores up to 5.5%. We offer unlimited practice exams.


Study vs. Review Technique Distinction

Test scores decrease when separation of study techniques is not leveraged. Our prep
methodologies provides multiple forms of organized studying and testing formats.

Review Frequently

We provide 24/7 unlimited random, rapid-fire review questions to support knowledge retention, accessed through your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Leveraging Others

Our community allows you to leverage others to ask questions, test rational understanding and learn new ideas. This technique can increase your test scores up to 3%.


Test Simulation

Our NCLEX-RN prep module simulates the unique NCLEX testing methodology by providing real-time scoring percentage, tracking testing time per question and varying the questions based on correct or incorrect answers.

NurseHive’s pricing model is designed to maximize the best practice strategic studying methods that support testing success, as well as provide flexibility for where you are in your nursing journey.

Most popular NCLEX-RN preparation plan

3 Month Subscription

Supports the best practice time commitment of studying a minimum of 13 weeks prior to test date


auto-renew subscription

Optimal for NCLEX-RN preparation and review as you start your first job or

6 Month Subscription

Supports NCLEX-RN best practice test preparation along with the review period for critical knowledge retention


auto-renew subscription

Provides flexibility with your strategic studying plan

1 Month Subscription

Provides the student an opportunity to review and test their knowledge retention through their independent study strategy


auto-renew subscription

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