Sure, everyone wants to look great in their scrubs – and for some (or many), that can mean wanting to look slimmer. But it’s not just about looking thin and trim.

Scrubs that are the right fit, cut and color flatter whatever body type you are. And when you look your best, you’ve got more confidence and look more professional.

So we’ve got everything you need to know about how to look slimmer in your scrubs by knowing your body type, size, fit – plus a couple of slimming fashion tips. And after you’ve got all the tips, you can go here to check out the best women’s scrubs available today.


Know Your Body Type


Identifying your body type is probably the most important step in finding the most flattering scrubs for you.

Everyone is different – and there isn’t an “ideal” body type, but there are five generally recognized body types for women. These are:


Inverted Triangle

If you are broader in the shoulders and bust than your hips, this is you. Your waist isn’t well defined and your hips aren’t curvy.


  • Mock wrap scrub tops
  • Darker colors
  • Slim, skinny scrub pants



If you’re narrow and slender with your waist, hips, and bust having generally the same measurements, this is you. Rectangle body types usually aren’t curvy and don’t have a well-defined waist.


  • Fitted, modern cut scrub tops will give the appearance of more curves
  • Scrub pants with a boot cut or flare bottom to even out your proportions



Hourglass body types have a well-defined narrower waist with hips and busts that are about the same measurements. Your upper body, arms, and legs are proportionate.


  • Fitted, modern cut scrub tops will better follow your natural curves
  • Scrub pants with wider legs or a relaxed fit


Pear (or Spoon)

If your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips, you’re a Pear. Arms and shoulders tend to be slimmer with a well-defined waist curving out to fuller hips with weight more distributed to your lower body (hips, butt, and legs) – think J-Lo.


  • Tops with more going on like pockets, round necks, or mandarin collars
  • Straight leg scrub pants



If you have a fuller bust and midsection, you have a round body type. Your hips may be narrower, with flatter buttocks and slender legs. Women with round body types tend to gain weight around their stomach and upper body.


  • Choose V-neck scrub tops
  • Slim-cut, jogger or skinny cut scrub pants make your legs look longer and draw attention away from your middle
  • Don’t go with a fit that’s too tight or tapered-cut but not so loose they’re baggy

Once you’ve got your body type defined, it’ll be much easier to find scrubs that will fit better and complement your features.


Get Your Measurements And The Right Fit


Even if you “know” what your size is – take your measurements. A medium-sized scrub in one brand isn’t the same as a medium in another. So break out the cloth measuring tape and get to measuring.

nurse holding a measuring tape

Once you have your measurements and start shopping for scrubs, you may be surprised at how different a “medium” may be between brands. When you have the right measurements, you can find the right fit – that Goldilocks zone of not too tight, not too loose.

Too tight – nothing is left to the imagination and every flaw is on display, plus it looks like your scrubs shrank. Wearing scrubs that are too tight will absolutely guarantee that you look heavier than you are.

Too loose – you just look sloppy and messy . . . and they make you look bigger too. That’s why you need a size and fit that are true to your measurements.


Monochrome/Dark Colors

If you want to look slimmer in your scrubs, stick to one color. In fact, wearing monochrome colors can make you look up to 10 pounds lighter.

Boring you say? Not at all. Monochrome scrubs keep the vertical line constant, unlike two separate colors.

Secret Weapon: dark colors.

Darker colors (especially black) are perfect for highlighting your body strengths while hiding any trouble spots. It helps to create a long, vertical line giving the illusion of a more slender body shape.



Prints are fine – in fact prints can do a lot to give the impression of a more slender frame. However, stay away from bigger, louder designs that can actually make you look larger. You want smaller, daintier prints.

If you want to check out some of the best scrubs with colorful designs and awesome prints, look here.


Right Fit/Cut

In addition to buying scrubs in the right size, you also want to make sure you have a cut that flatters your body type. Today, you can get scrubs in a variety of cuts in both the tops and pants.


  • Classic Cut – these are the roomier, more relaxed – generally what you think of when you think of scrubs. Good for larger, shapelier body types.
  • Modern Cut – most scrubs brands are going with a modern fit that is tapered under the arm to the waist, giving a more shapely, feminine look. These are better for more slender body types or pears.


The right scrub pants are an often overlooked but very important factor in looking slimmer. There are so many types of scrub pants now: classic relaxed, joggers, cargos, yoga pants, cargo pants, slim cut, boot cut, and flare legs.

  • A more slender cut in your scrub pants can accentuate your legs, making them look longer and redirect attention from your top.
  • More going on, like pockets, seams, etc. contribute to a “heavier” look.
  • Pants that flare at the bottom help to thin out your upper thighs.
  • Flat fronts create a slimming line.
  • Make sure your pants go all the way to your shoes to make your legs look longer.


Details and Accents

The devil is often in the details – and so is a slimmer, more flattering look. Here are some tips:

  • V-necks can give you a longer, leaner look
  • Tunic-style tops are more forgiving and friendly to your figure
  • Embroidery, piping, belts, and other accents are always flattering and change the way an observer’s eye moves across your body giving the illusion of you being taller and thinner.


Good Posture

Did you ever get tired of being told to stand up straight when you were a kid?

Well, you should be doing it if you want to look slimmer. Not only is good posture better for your overall spinal health, but it can also make you look much leaner by pulling in your tummy and pushing your chest out.


Get Healthy

The best way to look slimmer is to actually be slimmer. Proper diet and exercise pay off not only in looking slimmer but being a healthier, happier person in general.


All of these tips have been about looking “slimmer” in your scrubs, but what it’s really about is looking good in your scrubs. With the right fit and a flattering cut, you’re going to look good, no matter what body type you are.

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