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    When preparing for any test, but especially for the NCLEX-RN test it is important that you study and prepare properly. There are 6 strategic study skills that you should utilize as you prepare for your exam:

    Time Commitment: Optimal commitment to test preparation leads to test success. Successful students
    prepare on average 13 weeks prior to their NCLEX-RN exam date.

    Practice Exams: Successful students leverage practice exams frequently. This can increase your test
    scores up to 5.5%. Make sure you incorporate study aids that include practice exams.

    Leveraging Others: leverage others to ask questions, test rational understanding and learn new
    ideas. This technique can increase your test scores up to 3%.

    Test Simulation: Use study tools that simulates the unique NCLEX testing methodology by providing
    real-time scoring percentage, tracking testing time per question and varying the questions based
    on correct or incorrect answers.

    Review Frequently: Rapid-fire review questions to support knowledge retention.

    Study vs. Review Technique Distinction: Test scores decrease when separation of study techniques is
    not leveraged. Make sure you carve out specific time for study and for review and keep those activities separate.

    Please share some study tips that you think have been helpful for you.

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