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If you have a nurse to give a present to and you’re a dedicated DIY’er with fully-stocked craft supplies, we’ve got some DIY gift ideas that your nurse is sure to love. Even if you’ve never made anything before but are willing to try; these DIY projects are simple and straightforward enough for anyone to follow.

Even if you know a nurse personally, it can still be a little difficult and confusing when buying them a gift – especially if it’s a work-related gift.

Sure, you can search “nurse gift” while you’re shopping online and probably find plenty of little things like customized badge reels, stethoscope nametags, and other gear. But why not only give them a present they need but that you made yourself and make sure you have the most practical gift for nurses.

Here are 5 quick and easy jumping-off points to help you create your own DIY nurse gifts.


Easiest DIY Gift Idea


1. Nurse Cookies

You got baking on lock-down? Why not whip up a batch of tasty cookies for your nurse. Even better, use these nurse-themed cookie cutters that include a scrub top, syringe, heart, hat, and tray.

Make sure to use a thick cream-cheese frosting in white or scrubs green and add some medical crosses, the word “nurse” and do something funny with blood or organ in the tray – nothing better than a little dark humor in your cookie.

You can package them in food-safe cellophane bags to give them a more presentable, professional look. Tie with a red ribbon to complete the effect.

Finish it off with a funny message in your note, like: “Take two and call me in the morning” or “Emergency Use Only”.


2. Gift Basket

Everyone appreciates a good gift basket – and we’ve got three for you that is great for new nurses just starting out or any nurse who could use a little relaxation.

diy gift basket

Here are the basics of what you’ll need to make all the baskets:


Best DIY Gift For New Nurses


New Nurse Survival Pack

Nurses need a lot of gear. If you’ve got a nursing student or a recent grad, there’s no better present to give than a survival pack with all the basics they’ll need in nursing school or on the job. Here’s a list of things to include:


Best DIY Gift For Night Nurses


Emergency Coffee Kit

Coffee is a necessary to fuel for nursing students, working nurses, and healthcare workers. A coffee gift basket will give them premium coffee, something to drink it out of and if you want to splash out – something to make the coffee with too.


Best DIY Relaxing Gift For Nurses


Spa Day Gift Basket

Nursing is physically and emotionally demanding. Help your nurse relax and decompress with a spay day gift basket with everything they need to soak, scrub and wash the stress away.

spa gift basket




Best DIY Thank You Gift For Nurses


3. Mini Nursing Gift Bags

Mini gift bags are a great way to gift to more than one nurse at a time. Just like the gift baskets above, you’re going to use cellophane bags, but smaller ones. Get all your stuff, put it inside, tie it off with a ribbon, add a card and you’re done.

A good idea is to put everything in a nurse-themed coffee mug and then wrap it with the cellophane bag.

You can customize the color with pink or blue cellophane, ribbon and fillers if you want to thank a Labor & Delivery nurse after the birth of a child.


Best DIY Christmas Gift For Nurses


4. Nurse Christmas Ornament

If you’re gifting for the season, there’s nothing better and easier than a handmade nurse-themed Christmas present. Here’s a few simple ones that are a cinch to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For a full tutorial that includes all the steps plus a link to a printable nurse hat stencil, go here. They use a metal ornament instead of a wooden one, but it’s all up to you – that’s part of the fun.


Best DIY Gift For Any Nurse Or Doctor


5. Face Mask

Yeah, face masks have become part of our everyday life in this new normal. Why not make your nurse a cute DIY mask they can either wear out and about or cover their hospital-issued make with. If you’ve got the sewing skills, we’ve got the fabric and links to 5 easy to make mask patterns that include a filter pocket.

diy face masks

These are just some ideas to get you started. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Taking a DIY project idea and making it your own. If still questioning, what do nurses need the most we have an answer ready for you.


Whichever present project you decide to take on for your nurse – don’t worry, they’re going to love it because not only did it come from you – you made it yourself.

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