Looking for some add-ons, accessories, and upgrades for your stethoscope? You’re in the right place because we’ve got 10 fun, practical and useful accessories for the piece of equipment that nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals use the most – that’s right, their stethoscope. 

Maybe you’ve found yourself the best inexpensive stethoscope. Or maybe you’re thinking about a high-tech upgrade to a digital stethoscope and trying to decide are digital and electronic stethoscopes better than regular ones? Whichever you choose, you’re going to need some accessories to complete the package.

We’ve Collected The Best-selling, Highest-rated Add-ons That Include Just About Everything You Could Need, Like:


  • Name Tags

  • Hip Holders

  • Charms

  • Covers

  • Carrying Cases

Just about anything and everything that can be attached to your stethoscope for ease of carrying protection storage and personalization.

Enough talk – let’s get to those great accessories!


Name Tags


Sometimes stethoscopes seem to grow legs and walk off, never to be seen again. Sometimes you want to introduce yourself. Sometimes you just want to add a little dash of flair to your stethoscope.

Here are some name tag options that include photo prints, personalized tags, and awesome artistic designs.


Pink EKG Heart Name Tag

This name tag is fully customizable with your name, monogram, or job title and also includes a cute heart and EKG design.

[amazon box=”B07VDZ1JBL”]

  • Personalized with name, monogram, or title
  • Pink heart/EKG design
  • Fully adjustable
  • 1.5” or 1” sizes
  • Variety of bezels, including plain, cap, rope, or bling


Littmann Stethoscope ID Tag

This is your standard, no-frills stethoscope ID tag with Littmann quality. It includes two nameplates: one engravable and one write-on. Comes in standard black color.

[amazon box=”B01ENFON5A”]

  • Large size for easy identification
  • Fits all stethoscopes
  • Two nameplates: one engravable, one write-on


Clips / Hip Holders


What is the best way to carry a stethoscope? One of the best is the hip holder. Carry your stethoscope like a Wild West gunslinger with a professional clip-on hip holder.


BATCLIP Hand-made Hip Holder

If Batman were a nurse, he’d probably own this hip holder. Not only does it keep your stethoscope safe and secure at your hip – it’s made with premium quality handmade leather and includes a 

[amazon box=”B0038S8E9U”]

  • Premium, quality leather
  • Handmade
  • Hip clip
  • 20 years of field testing
  • Works with a variety of stethoscopes
  • No-hassle warranty


Prestige Medical Stethoscope Holder

This budget-friendly hip holder from Prestige Medical features an open, shock-resistant, and easy to clean plastic design that your stethoscope hangs from. It has somewhat mixed reviews ranging from “I Love It!!” to “More of a nuisance than a convenience” but for the low price, it won’t hurt you to try one out for yourself.

[amazon box=”B002WJHEOM”]

  • Reduces neck strain
  • Frees your hands
  • Easy to clean


Charm Clips


Need some flair for your stethoscope? Try one of these very cute charm clips. You can get one with your initial or a wide variety of artistic designs ranging from mermaid tails and pineapples to zodiac signs and unicorns.


Charmed Crystal Stethoscope Charm, Unicorn

Everyone loves unicorns – or wants to be one. Add this charm to your stethoscope and let your inner unicorn shine. Made from antibacterial zinc alloy, adjustable and includes some blingy-bling stones.

[amazon box=”B07NLBBZH1″]

  • Unicorn design
  • Bling stones
  • Antibacterial zinc alloy
  • Adjustable 


Charmed Crystal Stethoscope Charm, Initial (G)

Here’s another offering from Charmed Crystal. This one is a blingy initial and whether your name is Gina or you’re just an old G, you’ll be adding some super style to your stethoscope with this charm.

[amazon box=”B07G2NRBGD”]

  • Crystal blinged initial
  • Bling stones
  • Antibacterial zinc alloy
  • Adjustable 




A stethoscope cover is both functional and fun. The cover protects your stethoscope’s tubing from skin oil, tears, and punctures while also giving you a little extra flair – they’re also warm around your neck. There are lots of cute patterns, designs, and colors to choose from – plus, you can even get one with a stuffed animal design that’s great for pediatrics.


Twisted 2 Perfection Stethoscope Cover

These stethoscope covers are handmade, 100% cotton, and come in a variety of colors and designs. The scrunchie closure at the bottom makes sure it stays in place. Machine washable for easy cleaning.

[amazon box=”B01N25JAW1″]

  • Handmade
  • 100% cotton
  • Scrunchie closure
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA


Pedia Pals Animals Plush Stethoscope Covers

Great for work in pediatrics, but also fun for anyone with a child-like heart and sense of humor. These stethoscope covers feature a number of plush animal designs including a cow, elephant, and tiger.

[amazon box=”B07L1C1H54″]

  • 7 animal designs
  • Machine washable
  • Universal fit


Carry Cases


There’s nothing more practical and sensible than getting a quality carrying case for your stethoscope. After all, it’s a piece of equipment you rely on daily. Great for travel nurses or any healthcare professional looking to guard their most trusted sidekick.


Canboc Hard Stethoscope Case

This hard carrying case fits the most common stethoscope brands including Littmann, MDF Acoustica, and others. It also has extra room for other tools like penlights, thermometers, scissors, and more.

[amazon box=”B07WHNDGFY”]

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • EVA hard shell
  • Fabric cover
  • Semi-water resistant
  • Drop-resistant
  • Roomy interior


Butterfox Premium Stethoscope Case

Durable, stylish and fits the most common brands of stethoscopes, the Butterfox case gives you quality, lots of storage with great color options. Includes a separator and mesh pocket divider to hold lots of extra equipment and a microfleece-lined interior.

[amazon box=”B07V6CGGXV”]

  • Hardshell
  • Extra divider and pocket storage
  • Microfleece-lined interior
  • Bright color options


Well, there you have it – 10 great accessories that cover everything from protecting and storing your stethoscope to giving it a little personality. Whichever add-ons you decide to get (or maybe all of them) remember that a stethoscope is a nurse’s, doctor’s, or any healthcare professional’s best friend and trusty companion.

Keep it handy with a holder. Keep it safe with a cover or case. And keep it looking super awesome with a personalized name tag or blingy charm.

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