Nobody would ever accuse most men’s nursing shoes of being stylish or cool.

Sure, they’re comfortable, durable, easy to clean and they’ll take the abuse of three back-to-back 14-hour shifts. But – cool they are not. For the most part, any shoe that is designed specifically for male nurses is a straight working shoe – all business and no party.

Think Dansko Clogs or Merrell Slip-on Work Shoes. Yeah they’re great with all-day comfort and non-slip soles – but damn, are they ugly. And maybe looking good isn’t a high priority for most male nurses on a busy shift at the hospital. Perfectly acceptable.

But you don’t just have to accept it. There are lots of shoes that have some swank, sporty style that can do double duty as a nurse shoe on the hospital floor plus being a shoe you wouldn’t mind being seen in public wearing.

I know, this is a lot of buildup just to give you a list of cool shoes for nurses. But we’re going to talk about the types of shoes male nurses are wearing on the job and give you some tips on how you can turn a pair of regular sneakers into a work shoe with a couple of simple modifications.

Let’s start off with the different types of shoes male nurses are wearing today.


What Are The Best Shoes For Male Nurses?


Best – the concept of “Best” is such a subjective term. Your best may not be someone else’s best – it may even be their worst.

And here, talking about shoes that are “cool” or “stylish” – that’s a whole world of subjectivity. But fashion tastes aside, there are a couple of qualities that a male nurse needs in their work shoe, so let’s line them out:


Top of the list – absolutely. A male nurse is going to be spending anywhere from 12 – 14 hours on his feet during a shift. During that shift, he’s going to walk at least 4 miles. You can’t sacrifice comfort for style when you’ve got a workday ahead of you like that. You need arch support, cushioning, and breathability. As we know how important this is we have curated the most comfortable shoes for male nurses as a complete guide. 


Soles With Grip

Most work shoes will have non-slip or slip-resistant soles. When you’re working in a hospital there’s plenty of slip hazards including things like blood – and worse – that your shoes are going to have to handle. Lots of athletic shoes (with style) aren’t necessarily non-slip rated, but they still have a good grip on a variety of surfaces.



Nursing is tough on shoes. All those miles walked every shift add up, so the shoes you wear at work need a quality build that can handle the abuse or you’re going to be running through shoes (pun intended) at a costly rate.


What Kinds Of Shoes Are Male Nurses Wearing Today?


So what’re the criteria for a “cool, stylish” men’s nursing shoe? Pretty simple actually – it’s any shoe that you wouldn’t mind wearing in public and your friends aren’t going to clown you out for wearing.

You know that if you wear a pair of Dansko clogs out for a drink with your friends you’re going to have to defend yourself and no amount of justifications about how comfortable and easy to clean they are is going to save you.

But, fortunately, lots of nurses (men and women alike) are wearing sportier shoes at the hospital or clinic. Here are some of the types of shoes that nurses are wearing that aren’t necessarily “nursing shoes”:

  • Running shoes
  • Cross Trainers
  • Hiking shoes
  • Crocs
  • Slip-on Ath-leisure shoes

Many hospitals and clinics have relaxed their uniform requirements when it comes to shoes. Mostly they realize how necessary comfort is on the job and that many athletic-style shoes offer top-notch performance while still looking professional enough to be worn on the job.


5 Top Brands Of Cool Shoes For Male Nurses


Alright, here you are – 5 of the best nursing shoes for men that give you a little style with work performance.

Brooks Revel 3

Brooks running shoes make just about every “Best” list of men’s nursing shoes. It’s easy to understand why: lightweight construction, cushioned soles, good support, and excellent performance. The Revel 3 gives you all that – plus style with a classy, understated design, and color combinations.

  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Neutral balance good for all foot types
  • BioMoGo DNA adaptable cushioning
  • Smooth feel

Pros: understated classy design, very lightweight, excellent cushioning

Cons: not as easy to clean


Reebok Royal Classic

Reebok’s Royal Classic is 100% classic style with the comfort and performance that’ll get you through a long shift. Still popular, these runners give you a mesh and suede upper with slick, old-school style, Memory Tech sock liners, EVA cushioning midsole, and a carbon rubber outsole with traction and durability.

  • Nylon / Suede upper
  • Memory Foam sock liner
  • EVA cushioning midsole
  • Carbon rubber, grippy outsole

Pros: style, comfortable, price

Cons: might not be the best for wide feet


New Balance – Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

New Balance is a mainstay for male nurses. NBs are known for their comfort – and while not all of their shoes scream “cool” – the Fresh Foam 1080 V10 runner is shouting it from the rooftops. You just know it when you see it. And it’s not just the style, these shoes are loaded with the latest tech updates for running performance.

  • Breathable, lightweight mesh upper
  • ABZORB cushioned midsole
  • Latest technical advances
  • Curved sole enhances stride

Pros: lightweight, extreme comfort, hi-tech, lots of color choices

Cons: price (but you get a lot for a shoe for it)


Vans – Made For The Makers 2.0

Yeah, going old skool with the Vans. But this unisex offering isn’t just perfect for kick-flips and ollie. Reengineered for comfort with classic styling, this low-top canvas, and suede uppers also have great cushioning, support, and flexibility. The Vansguard canvas is durable and easy to clean, repelling liquids and dirt.

  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Vansguard 8 oz canvas
  • Ultracush sock liners for comfort
  • Padded collar
  • Moisture wicking

Pros: classic style, non-slip, comfortable

Cons: limited colors


Adidas – Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoes

If you’re a fan of Adidas, these runners are perfect for the male nurse. Lightweight, breathable, extremely comfortable – plus being a slip-on – they hit all the marks. Did I mention they look great too? You can go straight from the hospital to the street in these, with ease and max comfort.

  • Slip-on
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Cloudfoam midsole and outsole
  • Ortholite float sock liner

Pros: cushy sole, slip-on, very breathable and lightweight

Cons: not as easy to clean


There you have it, five stylish shoes that are perfect for male nurses that’ll give you comfort, performance, and a style that won’t make you have to defend yourself to your friends. We congratulate you for jumping into the journey of knowing the value of taking care of your feet on top of keeping it in style, as a bonus her is a man’s guide to foot care to keep you going. 


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