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Can you give gifts to nurses? It’s a valid question to ask because there are many reasons a patient may want to give a nurse a gift. Now the question is, what gift will nurses appreciate?

To say a simple thank you, we have listed some cute gifts for nurses here. If more of a grander gesture and celebrate we got it covered too. Giving a nurse in your family or your friend something that what nurses really want for nurses week is sure well thought of to make your gratitude felt.

We’re going to talk about what the average hospital policies are on gift-giving, what’s usually acceptable, and the best gifts for nurses that any nurse would love to get.


Hospital Policies On Gifts


For nurses, doctors and any healthcare worker, the rules about accepting presents from patient varies from institution to institution, but the general consensus is this:

Not Acceptable:

  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Gifts of large monetary value: concert tickets, expensive jewelry, trips

Gifts of cash, gift cards, or large monetary value can be seen as a bribe, seeking preferential treatment or trying to influence behavior.

That’s why smaller gifts are considered more acceptable – and smaller usually being around or under $50 to be safe.

The NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) is even more strict on its rules, stating that any gift larger than a card or food is crossing professional boundaries and prohibited.


What Kind Of Gifts Are Good To Give A Nurse?


So what is a good gift for a nurse? Well, it depends mainly on two things:


Your Relationship 

If you know them personally and are giving them a birthday present, you have more freedom in what kind of gift you can give them (obviously). If it’s just the nurse who took care of you during your knee surgery, the small gift rule applies (under $50, no cash or cards)


The Occasion

Are you just saying thank you, is it a Christmas present or are you giving a new nurse a graduation present? Some occasions may warrant a larger gift (like a graduation or birthday) but still, the rule of keeping it small is always better.

You want a gift that doesn’t put the nurse in a position where they’re not able to accept it. But it still can be meaningful – don’t worry; it’ll still be meaningful even if it’s just a card.

Keeping it under $50 is a good way to stay in the gift safe zone. There are a lot of different choices in this range from the practical, to the funny and there are even DIY gifts for nurses if you have a flair for the crafty.

What’s going to make your present the most meaningful is just a heartfelt card or note telling them exactly why you appreciate them so much.

But if you’d like a hint, here are the most common gifts that nurses get:

  • Flowers
  • A Card
  • Snacks: cookies, candy, treats
  • Essential items: compression socks, scrubs, pens, notepads, hand sanitizer
  • A book on nursing, like “Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You!”
  • Funny nurse-themed coffee mug or personalized tumbler
  • Handmade DIY gifts
  • Picture frames
  • Spa day gift baskets
  • Wine glasses
  • A set of scrubs
  • Foot Massage Roller or
  • A funny nurse T-shirt
  • Sleep mask
  • Aromatherapy oil set


What Are The Best Gifts For Nurses?


Still looking and still have not answered what do nurses need the most? We’ll just finish out with some tips on the types of gifts that are great for nurses using just 5 questions:


Is It Personal?

Did it come from you with a personal note? No matter if it’s just a card saying how much they rock, it’ll be a great gift.


Is It Useful?

Yes, nurses have a ton of gear they need. If you can give them something that they use every day or will make their day easier – it’s a win.


Is It Funny?

Nurses have a very . . . unique sense of humor. Hey, when you’ve seen as much as they have you just get that way. Give them something that celebrates that stoic gallows humor with something funny.


Is It Relaxing?

Nursing is stressful, hectic, long-hours, rude patients, and lots of charting. It’s a truckload of stress that needs someplace to go. If you can give them some self-care gear that’s going to help them decompress, it’s a perfect gift.


Is It Delicious?

Does it have double chocolate chips, walnuts with cream cheese icing? Can I put it in my face? Yes, anything edible and yummy will never be unacceptable or uneaten.

Giving gifts to nurses and healthcare professionals share many of the same rules about gift-giving as other businesses and industries.

Sure you want to give a gift to the nurse who saw you through your physical therapy or your child through chemotherapy. And if you’re a nurse, it’s not just the gift you’re getting, it’s the feeling behind it.

Giving a gift is like making a bond with another person. It’s giving them something – a thing of value – as a symbol of the value you see in them and their actions.

It’s saying way to go, Happy Haunnakah, congratulations, thank you, and most of all: It shows how much they mean to you and you to them.

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