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A 12-hour night shift is hard enough on your feet, but if you’re a nurse who’s expecting, it’s a whole different game. Swollen feet and legs. Sore . . . well, everything. Back pain. Nausea. Weight gain.

Yeah, it’s a magical time though.

The last thing you need in addition to everything else going on are shoes that hurt your feet. The right pair of shoes can go a long way to reducing swelling and foot pain while keeping your back in alignment.

We’ve got 10 of the best shoes for pregnant women from slips ons to walking shoes and more – but all of them will keep your feet feeling great even if you’re headed to your fifth bathroom break.


Ten Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses


How did we manage to get the 10 best nursing shoes for pregnant nurses all in one place? All get great reviews, lots of stars and have a solid following.

Basically, we did all the searching so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the 10 best shoes for pregnant nurses:


TOMS Alpargata (Best For Nurses With Flat Feet)


Not only are these TOMS slip-on loafers really easy to wear, but they are also light breathable and you get to contribute to a good cause (TOMS donates $1 of every $3 to worthy causes). The sole is flat and stable while the fabric has a little give to it for swollen feet.


TOMS Alpargata



Cons: if you like more cushioning, try the Orthofeet Women’s Sneakers.


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Skechers Go Walk (Best Nursing Shoes For Shock Absorption)


If you have sore feet, you know how important shock absorption is. The Skechers Go Walk Joy have soles that cushion your feet and give you a nice, natural ride.

It’s just an added plus that these are lightweight, breathable slip-ons. These are some of the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy.


Skechers Go Walk


Cons: if you prefer heel-less shoes, try the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Mule.


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Vionic Fitness Shoes (Best Pregnancy Shoes For Back Pain)


These Vionic Fitness Shoes are a nice, comfy slip-on just like the Skechers. Where this excel is in their custom footbed that’s really stable. That stability makes these shoes great if you have back pain, helping to keep your foot stable and everything lined up.


Vionic Fitness Shoes


Cons: if you prefer a shoe that’s a bit sportier, try the adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe.


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Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes (Best For Nurses With Plantar Fasciitis Or Wide Feet


If you’re dealing with some serious foot pain or even plantar fasciitis, these are your shoes. The Orthofeet Sneakers are orthopedic while still looking great. They are recommended for plantar fasciitis, bunions, wide feet, arch problems, and more.

Basically, if you’re having foot issues, they’re perfect for them. Superb arch support, cushioning sole and heel, shock absorption – it’s got all the things.


Orthofeet Women’s Sneakers


Cons: If you prefer a slip-on try the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe.


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New Balance Fuel Core Nergize Mule V1 (Best Shoes For Nurses With Swollen Feet)


New Balance never disappoints when it comes to support, comfort and performance. These slip-on mules really are like wearing your favorite house shoes – if they performed like a running shoe.

Light, supportive, and oh so comfortable. These are some of the best tennis shoes for pregnancy.


New Balance Fuel Core Nergize Mule V1


Cons: if you prefer an enclosed heel, try the Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat.


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Alegria Paloma Flat (Best Nursing Shoe With Non-slip Soles)


Alegria makes great all-around nursing shoes, but the Paloma Flat is especially suited for taking care of pregnant feet. The leather upper is sturdy with the adjustable strap closure perfect for when your feet get swollen.

Perfect comfort and support plus a slip-resistant sole round out this awesome shoe.


Alegria Paloma Flat


Cons: if you prefer a fully-enclosed upper, try the Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna Sneaker.


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TIOSEBON Walking Shoes (Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses With Sweaty Feet)


Another great slip on that’s extra breathable is the TIOSEBON Slip-on Walking Shoes. The extra breathable fabric is perfect if your feet get a little sweaty on those long shifts.

Slip-on comfort, a cushy sole and athletic performance makes these shoes perfect for any pregnant nurse on the job.


TIOSEBON Walking Shoes


Cons: if you like a mule-style open heel, try the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Mule.


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Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoe (Best Nursing Shoes For Active, Pregnant Nurses)


If you want a sporty, slip-on runner that’s like wearing a cloud-lined sock, the adidas Cloudfoam Pure running shoes have performance to spare. You get a thicker, running style sole that gives a lot of shock protection.

And the inner liner hugs your foot, giving you a secure fit. It is by far the best sneaker for pregnancy.


Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoe


Cons: if you prefer a walking style shoe, try the Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes.


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Dr. Scholl Luna Sneaker (Best For Nurses With Narrow Feet)


The Dr. Scholl’s Luna Sneaker is like an upgraded TOMS loafer. You get the nice, flat sole for stability, with the added feature of extra arch support and cushioning. It makes for a very balanced, supported cushiony feel.


Dr. Scholl Luna Sneaker


Cons: if you want something with the most support try the Orthofeet Women’s Sneakers.


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UGG Mini Ankle Boot (Best Nursing Shoe For Pregnant Nurses With Cold Feet)


Got cold feet? These super comfy boots are like wearing a teddy bear on each foot. The wool interior will keep your toes toasty while the suede upper provides full-foot protection.

The sole is nice and thick giving lots of shock absorption.


UGG Mini Ankle Boot


Cons: if you like something a bit more breathable, try the TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Walking Shoes.


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Guidelines For Buying The Best Pregnancy Shoes


What are the perfect pregnancy shoes? How about ones that carry you wherever you want to go while giving you a Shiatsu foot massage?

pregnant nurse answering phone


In the real world, the best pregnancy shoes, especially for working nurses, should be comfortable, provide support and have a few key features:


Breathable Material

Feet can get sweaty when you’re pregnant. Heck, feet can be sweaty anyway. You need shoes made with lightweight, breathable materials.



Don’t lug around heavy shoes all shift long. A lighter pair of shoes will cause you less fatigue over time.


Comfortable Insoles

Arch support is important, but even more so if you’re expecting. Not only does it prevent foot pain, good arch support helps support your ankle and alignment.


Slip Resistance Sole

Do I even have to say it? A fall is the last thing you need. A slip resistant sole can mean the difference between a step through a spill or a fall.


Shock Absorption

That little person riding along with you and added to your weight is also putting a lot of pressure on your feet. Shoes with shock-absorbing soles take the punishment instead of you.


Body Stability

Back pain and pregnancy go hand in hand. Stable platforms and good supportive shoes for pregnancy help keep your back in alignment.


Low Heel

A lower heel can help to keep your balance and promote a more natural gait.


Have A Larger Backup Size

Did I mention how pregnancy can cause swollen feet. Yeah, those shoes that fit yesterday may not fit tomorrow if your feet decide to turn into sausages.

A tip: when you find your perfect pair of shoes, buy a second pair a half size up for when your feet get swollen.


Slip On Style

Slip-ons – are they the best pregnancy shoe ever? Possibly. Nothing feels more like a comfy house shoe than a pair of good slip-ons.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Best Shoes To Wear While Pregnant?


The ones that don’t hurt your feet and are comfortable to wear all day. That said, the Skechers Go Walk shoes get consistent high ratings.


What Shoes Do Nurses Wear For Comfort?


For extra comfort, especially if you’re dealing with foot pain or plantar fasciitis are the Orthofeet Women’s Sneakers. The added arch support and heel cushioning really save your feet.


What Type Of Patients Should A Pregnant Nurse Avoid?


Pregnant nurses should be aware of occupational hazards including: infectious patients, infectious agents, teratogenic chemicals, and radiation. They should also be careful when lifting or positioning patients and watch for slip or fall hazards.


How Can I Prevent My Feet From Hurting During Pregnancy?


Well, the easy answer is to buy yourself one of these great pairs of shoes. But you can also add in Epsom salt soaks, foot massages and getting off your feet and keeping them raised for 30 minutes to an hour when you get home.




Being a nurse is challenging enough, the long shifts on your feet all day or night without even a 15-minute break. That goes triple if you’re a pregnant nurse.

So do the best thing you can for yourself: get a great pair of pregnancy shoes. Are you still unsure of which one to buy? Well, just review our top 3 pics: TOMS Alpargata, Skechers Go Walk and Vionic Fitness Shoes.

Pick your favorite pair, because all of ours have the comfort, performance and style you need to make it to the finish line, to that final shift before your new bundle of joy gets to greet the world.

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