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If you’re on the hunt for the best scrub jackets, there are only two reasons why: your workplace is cold and or you’ve got uniform requirements.

We’ve got the best scrub jackets for you that, in addition to the best-fitting men’s scrubs, will help round out your workwear attire with a little functional flair.

Now if your hospital has a relaxed uniform policy, chances are (and we wouldn’t blame you) that you’re going to be wearing your favorite comfy cardigan sweater or some kind of windbreaker.

However, if you’ve got uniform policies that are a bit more stringent, neither one of those is going to make the cut (sorry comfy sweater). That’s why almost every company making scrubs today offers a few scrub jacket options.

We’re going to show you why even if you’re allowed to wear your favorite sweater, it may be time to look into all the features, comfort, and most importantly – warmth – that these scrub jackets can give you.  We’re going to separate them by traditional, unlined scrub jackets, and warm-up jackets with liners.


Best Short-Sleeved Scrub Jacket


Cherokee WorkWear Short-Sleeved Zip Front Jacket


Yeah, technically it’s not a jacket, but having options is a good thing. This short-sleeved zip-front jacket from Cherokee gives you two front pockets and a chest pocket and comes in 10 colors. It wears more like a good work shirt rather than a scrub jacket.


Cherokee Short-Sleeved Zip Front Jacket review


  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Zip front
  • 3 pockets


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Best Durability Scrub Jacket


Carhartt Ripstop Zip Front Jacket 


You know that anything from Carhartt is up to the job – especially when it’s made from ripstop fabric. This scrub jacket wears more like a windbreaker or throwback Member’s Only jacket. It’s got 2 large front pockets, one chest pocket, and an inner cell phone pocket.


Carhartt Ripstop Zip Front Jacket review


  • 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester
  • Ripstop durability
  • Machine washable
  • Rib cuffs
  • Tagless labels
  • 4 pockets


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Best All-Around Scrub Jacket


Barco Grey’s Anatomy Warm-Up Jacket


Want a scrub jacket that’s in the Goldilocks zone of not too hot, not too cold? You get just the right temp plus a little laid-back style with Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy warm-up jacket. Easy to wear snap front closures.


Barco Grey’s Anatomy Warm-Up Jacket review


Five pockets for all your stuff and air vents? No wonder it’s a bestseller.

  • 77% Polyester, 23% Rayon
  • Snap front
  • Rib cuffs
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Open back yoke vent
  • Five pockets
  • XS to 5XL


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Warmest Men’s Scrub Jacket


Cherokee Infinity Zip Front Scrub Jacket


The soft, warm, poplin fabric is what makes this one a top choice. With a sporty athletic cut, two patch pockets, one chest pocket, and arm pockets it’s always ready for action. Plus, once again, that poplin fabric is like wearing teddy bear fur.


Cherokee Infinity Zip Front Scrub Jacket review


  • 95%Poly 5%Spandex
  • Athletic fit zip front
  • Four pockets


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Why Scrub Jackets Are Better Than Your Favorite Sweater


It may be a bold claim to say that a scrub jacket is better than that soft, comfy sweater that’s all soft and broken in that you’ve had for years.

But in fact, scrub jackets can be just as warm in addition to having these great features:


Meets Most Uniform Policies

Most uniform policies will require that nurses wear only clothing specifically designed for medical personnel. This covers mainly shoes and scrubs, but can also include jackets. Scrub jackets are designed for medical personnel, with features and colors that match most nursing uniforms.


Liquid And Stain-Resistant

Sure your favorite sweater is soft and warm – but can it ward off blood or other liquids? How about stains? Many scrub jackets are made with materials that are both liquid and stain-resistant.



Unless it’s just a protective-type scrub jacket that’s usually thin it will be the insulated “warm-up” scrub jacket made with insulating synthetic fabric blends and in some styles, a warming liner.


Extra Features

Bet your favorite sweater doesn’t have extra pockets, pen holders, and equipment loops. Scrub jackets typically do.



Nothing wrong with looking good too. Now you can buy scrub jackets in several styles like joggers, button-ups, or zip-ups.


Different Styles Of Scrub Jackets


We made a little mention of it above, but there are generally two types of scrub jackets: regular “cover-up” jackets and warm-up jackets. The only real difference is that warm-up jackets have a soft, insulating liner to keep out the cold.

A regular scrub jacket that you’re just wearing for splash and spill protection that’s part of your uniform is generally unlined and thinner.

Within those two types, you’ll also have some different styles, like:

  • Button-downs
  • Zip-ups
  • Traditional style
  • Athletic style


All of these scrub jacket choices are the best in their class in both performance and style. So find one with the fit, features, color, and style that fits you – The ones we gave you cover just about everything you’ll need in a scrub jacket.

And speaking of style – Want to know how to look good and stylish in your scrubs? And not to forget in addition to Style it is also to have in handy the best coolest scrubs for hot weather.

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