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If you played volleyball in high school, bump your head from time to time, or never can seem to find enough legroom, then you know how difficult it is to find the right scrubs for tall nurses.

Longer torsos, arms, and legs mean that sometimes that “regular” fit isn’t so regular. Nobody wants to wear high water pants and have their belly button sticking out from a scrub top that’s too short.

While finding the best scrubs that fit right for tall people used to be a problem, today companies offer a wider variety of lengths and cuts.

We’ll give you all 10, but first, we’re going to give you some tips to keep in mind if you’re a tall nurse shopping for scrubs.


Ten Best Scrubs For Tall Nurses


We checked just about every resource available – articles, nurse chat room comments, product reviews and found only scrubs that gave tall nurses a good comfortable fit, were well-made, and got excellent real-world reviews.

We saw lots of options like the best athletic scrubs, maternity scrubs, scrubs for tall and curvy women – just about everything. But our focus today is on all you tall nurses out there.


Grey’s Anatomy Active – Best Overall


All Grey’s Anatomy scrubs get the best reviews and these pants are simply the best hands down. The tailored, athletic fit looks good, not baggy, no matter how long your inseam is.

The synthetic fabric is super soft and the wide, yoga-style waistband is very comfortable and easy to wear. You get 3 pockets for your gear and the split-flair bottoms are nice.


Grey’s Anatomy Aubrey 3 Pocket Pant for Women – Modern Fit

Grey’s Anatomy Aubrey 3 Pocket Pant


Best for active nurses who are tall with long, slender legs

Cons: if you like a more athletic fit try the Figs Livingston Scrub Pants.


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Cherokee Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub – Best For Long Torsos


If you have a long torso you know how hard it is to find a scrub top that’s long enough and doesn’t look like you’re wearing a mumu. That’s why the Cherokee Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap scrub top is a top choice.

The modern cut tapers into the waist keeping it fitting and form-flattering. The smaller V-neck is also good for keeping everything covered while still remaining breathable. (You should also check out Cherokee Infinity Scrubs.)


Cherokee Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub

Cherokee Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub


Cons: if you want odor-fighting anti-microbial fabric try the LifeThreads Classic Unisex Antimicrobial Scrub Top.


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Koi Lite 316 Philosophy Scrub – Most Comfortable


Do you want a top for tall nurses that’s also the most comfortable thing next to your old T-shirt? The KOI Lite Philosophy scrub top is the one you want. What makes these so comfy?

The Polyester and Spandex mix is lightweight, soft, and super stretchy. What’s even better is that you’ve got lots of pockets and an instrument loop plus – no ironing!


KOI Lite 316 Women’s Philosophy Scrub Top

KOI Lite 316 Philosophy Scrub Top


Cons: if you have a long torso, try the Cherokee Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub.


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FIGS Livingston Basic Scrub – Best Fit


The Figs Livingstons may be basic scrub pants, but they’re anything but basic. Figs scrubs are known for their tailored fit that fits all the way down your leg, never being baggy.

The synthetic blend is comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and has the great active performance.


Figs Livingston Scrub Pants

Figs Livingston Scrub Pants


Cons: none, but if you’d like a full scrub set, try the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set.


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Dickies Dynamix Scrub Set – Best Quick Dry


Guys, you’re included in this. And often, male nurses are going to have a harder time finding good fitting scrubs if they’re taller. That’s why this scrubs set from Dickies get top mentions.

Dickes scrubs are known for being durable and well made.


Dickies Dynamix Men’s Stretch V-Neck Top & Zip Cargo Pant Scrub Set

Dickies Dynamix Scrub Set


They’ve got all the tall sizes and you can mix and match tops so you can always get the right size. The fabric is moisture-wicking and comfortable, with the top feeling more like a sports shirt.

Cons: if you prefer your scrubs with the bacteria-fighting anti-microbial fabric try the Life Threads Classic scrub top.


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Life Threads Classic Scrub – Best Antimicrobial


If you want a great long torso scrub top with odor-fighting antimicrobial tech, the LifeThreads Unisex Scrub Top is the #1 choice of tall nurses of both sexes. The synthetic/cotton blend is very comfortable and breathable.

It has a nice fit that finds the middle road between baggy and too tight.


LifeThreads Classic Unisex Antimicrobial Scrub Top

Life Threads Classic Scrub


Cons: if you don’t like ironing, try the KOI Lite Philosophy Scrub Top.


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Med Couture Activate Scrub – Most Functional


Need form and function? The offering from Med Couture has more secure storage than any scrub top out there – two patch pockets (one zippered) and an inside seam pocket.

And the modern tapered fit is perfect for nurses with longer torsos. The fabric is stretchy and lightweight, keeping you cool when you get busy.


Med Couture Activate Women’s V-Neck Racerback Scrub Top

Med Couture Activate Scrub


Best for active nurses with a lot of gears.

Cons: if you prefer a more budget-friendly option, try the WonderWink Wonderflex Verity Scrub Top.


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Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set – Most Flattering


Sometimes you want to look good on the job. Well with the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus scrub set you can look great without sacrificing performance or comfort. These scrubs have more overall tailoring than any other brand – almost like they were made just for you.

The tapered top and pants fit like a glove without being restricting. They. Just. Look. Good. (These are also great looking if you’re tall . . . and curvy).


Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set for Women

 Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set


Cons: If you prefer the more yoga-style waistbands, try the Grey’s Anatomy Aubrey 3 Pocket Pant.


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Carhartt Ripstop Multi-Cargo Scrub – Most Durable


Some of us are a little bit harder on our scrubs than others. If you need the most durable scrubs that can take some abuse, the Carhartt Cargo Scrub Pants are the ones you want.

They’re made from ripstop fabric and offer tall sizes. Plus you get all the gear storage with the extra cargo pockets for a total of 8 pockets.


Carhartt Ripstop Men’s Multi-Cargo Scrub Pant

 Carhartt Ripstop Men's Multi-Cargo Scrub


Cons: if you prefer a little looser fit, try the Dickies Dynamix Men’s Scrub Set


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Wonder Wink Wonderflex Scrub – Best Value for Money


If you’re looking for a scrub top that’s easy on the wallet and fits tall girls too – the Wonderwink Verity scrub top is your pick.

The best bang for your buck includes a tapered fit that flatters a longer torso, V-neck, and a very breathable cotton/synthetic blend. You don’t have to give up any style or performance with this top.


WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Verity Scrub Top

 Wonder Wink Wonderflex Scrub


Cons: if you like a more tailored fit, try the Med Couture Activate Women’s V-Neck Racerback Scrub Top.


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What Should Tall Nurses Look For In A Scrub?


So what exactly are you looking for in a scrub that not only fits a tall nurse but is going to perform and has good quality? We’ve picked out 5 things to consider when you’re buying your scrubs.

1. Fabric Type

When you’re tall and lanky, some fabrics can flatter and others can leave you looking like you’re wearing a shapeless sack. Here are the two most common fabric types for scrubs.

  • Cotton – scrubs have traditionally always been made of cotton. Cotton is light, breathable, and comfortable to wear. However, it stains easier and can shrink. Check the size and fit because cotton can fit a little loose on a tall frame.
  • Synthetic blends – most modern scrub brands offer synthetic blend fabrics. Rayon, polyester, and Spandex are the most common. These are wrinkle-free, have better stain resistance, and can give you a more fitted, sleeker look.

2. Waistband

  • Drawstring waistband – the most common type of closure for scrub pants. Easy, accommodates more waist and hip sizes – plus it’s like wearing your favorite pair of jammies.
  • Zip & button – if you like a more “pants” style scrub bottom with a zipper and button most scrub brands will give you this option.
  • Yoga style – a newer trend in scrub bottoms is the wide elastic waistband or yoga-style pants. Lots of nurses rave about how comfortable these are (and how good they look in them).

3. Moisture-Wicking Technology

Every nurse (even tall nurses) are going to be sweating on the job. That’s why the synthetic fabric blends with moisture-wicking technology have become so popular.

But besides a little hyperhidrosis, it’s nice to be able to dry out quickly if you have a spill.

4. Storage Space

It doesn’t matter how tall you are – everybody needs extra pockets for their gear. Penlights, thermometers, your stethoscope, and your power bar all need a home.

Companies are offering scrub tops and bottoms like the Koi Lite Philosophy top and the Figs Livingston pants with extra pockets and storage.

5. Neckline

Being a bit taller also means you have a longer neckline. You’ll have different options from V-neck to a more full-cover type. You may want to check first to see how a V-neck is going to look (and cover).


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Most Flattering Scrubs?


Both the top and pants of the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set are a tailored cut that is especially flattering for taller frames with a long torso and legs.


What Are The Best Scrubs For Nurses?


Wow, how do you choose “the best”? Well, if we’re going to have to go with just one, we’re going with the Grey’s Anatomy Active. What do we like? The fit, style, and the fact that it’s got more storage than all the others.


What Are The Most Comfortable Nursing Scrubs?


The synthetic blend with Spandex makes the Koi Lite Philosophy top extra soft and stretchy while staying light and airy.


Are GREY’s Anatomy Scrubs Good?


Barco’s Greys Anatomy scrubs make the top three of almost every list out there. They’ve got a flattering modern cut, excellent performance, and great comfort.




Just because you’re taller than the average bear doesn’t mean you have to look like an average bear.

All of these scrub choices have the fit, style, and size to make any tall nurse look good. And the top three, the Barco’s Greys Anatomy Active, Cherokee Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub, and the Koi Lite Philosophy Scrub are all excellent choices.

So find your scrubs today and then you’ll be saying:

“Oh, you can’t reach that extra box of gloves up there? – let me get them for you in my stylish new scrubs.”

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