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Hoka One One running shoes are designed for long-distance runners, but everyone from celebrities (like Reese Witherspoon and Pippa Middleton) to soccer moms and even nurses are sporting these sporty kicks.

They’re super cushiony, stable, and are perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their feet at work. Like nurses.

Sure, they’re not the cheapest running shoes on the market – but there’s a reason they’re pricey. They can take the punishment from a 12-hour shift, saving you foot pain, fatigue, and soreness, plus their performance is second to none.

And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got some really cool color combos.

So if you need the top-rated shoes for nurses that can go the distance, here’s a list of the top-rated Hoka One One running shoes from nurses across the nation.


5 Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses


To find the best Hoka One One for nurses, we combed through every comments section, video review, Amazon product review, and nurse chat rooms to see which Hoka One One running shoes they preferred to wear on the shift.

Across the board, it didn’t matter which model, all of these shoes got excellent ratings and rave reviews.


HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Bondi 7 Running Shoes – (Best For Women Nurses)


The Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 7 is by far the most popular style – and for good reason. It’s got a breathable mesh top, super-thick sole, and perfect locked-in fit.


HOKA ONE ONE Women's Bondi 7 Running Shoes


They feel like they’re doing the work for you as the rocker midsole helps you glide across the floor. Top-notch for all-around fit, feel the performance and yes, style – definitely the best Hoka shoes for women nurses.

Cons: they do have a large sole – if you like a sole that’s a bit flatter, try the Hoka ONE ONE Cavu running shoes.


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HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 6 Running Shoe – (Best For Male Nurses)


Guys, we’ve got one for you too. The Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 6 running shoe is light, responsive, breathable (for those of us with sweaty dogs), and has a high-tech performance.


HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 6 Running Shoe


They’re so comfortable that after a while you can forget you’re wearing them. The sole has all of the features like the rocker midsole and heel cushioning, but it’s not as thick as some of the others and has a nice balance.

Cons: If you want a Hoka ONE ONE shoe with a bit more sole, try the Gaviota 2.


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HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe – (Best For Walking)


If it’s a more stable, walking-style shoe you’re after with the same Hoka ONE ONE performance and cushioning, the Women’s Cavu running shoe is perfect.


HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe


The sole is a bit flatter, giving you a more stable platform while not sacrificing comfort. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the more affordable Hoka ONE ONE styles.

Cons: if you like a thicker, curved sole, try the SpeedGoat 4.


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Hoka One One Women’s Speedgoat 4 – (Best For Plantar Fasciitis)


If you’ve got foot pain or plantar fasciitis, you know how important the right pair of shoes is. You need heel cushioning, a supportive midsole, and enough shock absorption to reduce the punishment on your feet to prevent pain before it starts.


Hoka One One Women’s Speedgoat 4


The speedboat 4 has the most advanced cushioning of all the styles, perfect to keep your feet happy.

Cons: they’re breathable, but if you need the ultimate in breathability, try the Rincon Running Shoe.


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HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Rincon Running Shoe – (Best For Nurses On Their Feet All Day)


If you’re going to be on your feet all day and doing a lot of standing, the Hoka ONE ONE Rincon running shoe is your go-to. The wide stable sole gives you a solid footing while providing lots of cushioning.


HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Rincon Running Shoe


They’re also super lightweight and breathable for extra, airy comfort.

Cons: They’ve got a lot of soles – the Cavu running shoe’s sole is a bit flatter


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Nursing Shoes: A High-Quality Investment


Hoka One One running shoes definitely aren’t the bargain brand. But you’re making an investment in your foot health. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause more than sore feet, you could even end up with plantar fasciitis.

And that could take you out of work.

Here are 3 reasons why investing in a good shoe is worth it for nurses:


1. Comfort

If your shoes are uncomfortable, it’s going to make that shift feel like a hundred years. But proper arch support, fit and shock absorption also help prevent back pain, fatigue, swelling, and blisters.

A higher-quality shoe is going to give you comfort features other shoes don’t.


2. Durability

Better quality materials mean more durability. When you’re putting serious miles on your nursing shoes, if they’re not made of quality fabrics and EVA foams, they’re going to wear out a lot faster.


3. Performance

Hoka One One’s were built for performance. They aid your gait and stride, while the gentle curve lets your foot roll more easily and returns energy to each step.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Hoka Shoe Is Best For Nurses?


The top-rated Hoka ONE ONE, by nurses across the board, is the Bondi 7 running shoe. Best all-around comfort, performance, and style.


What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Nurses?


If you need extra cushioning that’s going to pamper your foot, the SpeedGoat 4 has more shock-absorbing cushioning than the rest.


Are Hoka Shoes Good For Standing All Day?


Yes – very much so. The thick soles, heel cushioning, and rocker midsoles aren’t just comfortable to stand on; they provide a stable platform giving you a good footing and support.


What Are The Most Comfortable Hoka Shoes?


Well, it all depends on the foot in the shoe, doesn’t it? But the Hoka ONE ONE shoe that gets the highest reviews specifically for comfort and fit is the Rincon Running Shoe.




When you’ve got to be on your feet for 14 hours and you’re covering an average of four miles a night shift (true, nurses walk an average of 4 miles every shift), you need shoes that are going to give you the support, comfort, and performance you need.

Otherwise, you’re going to have sore feet and legs – at worst, you may even develop a foot condition like plantar fasciitis or chronic heel pain. Nobody needs that.

So get yourself one of these great Hoka One One’s, like the Bondi 7, the SpeedGoat 4, and the Clifton 6 for men.

You’re going to get a great performance, a comfy ride, and your feet are going to love you for it.


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