We Believe…

The Nurse Professional and the Nurse Community are the backbone of a healthy and prosperous society; without them, our medical system would cease to function, and our quality of life would deteriorate.

We Support…

The Nurse Professional and the Nurse Community by providing a technology platform for nursing professionals to acquire national licensure, gain advanced specialty certification, and pursue new knowledge and skills to continuously advance career aspirations and goals.

We Offer…

A technology platform for the Nurse Community to interact with each other and share their experiences. For incoming nurses, we have a robust database to prepare them for NCLEX-RN. Finally, if you are looking to change jobs, we have a comprehensive job bank only for nurses. All of this in one user friendly website!

Our Mission:

Providing information and connections for the professional Nurse Community to support its vital role in health care and the well-being of society.

Our Vision:

To advance and encourage the growth of the Nurse Professional and the Nurse Community through technology, community inspiration, licensure preparation, and job placement acceleration.

The BEEHIVE is the backbone of the ecosystem.

The entire purpose of the beehive is to support the productivity of the bee and protect the bee community longevity.

Without the beehive:

  • Bees would be less productive
  • Bees would not have a place to coordinate their efforts and store their production
  • Bees would be less populated

Fewer bees in our world would have a severe impact on how we live today. Having a structure to support and promote the bee population is critical to their existence, as well as the health of human society.


Humans and the society we know today does not exist without bees!

  • Bees pollinate 1/6th of the earth’s flowering plants, helping to provide habitats for animals, birds, and insects
  • Bees pollinate approximately 75% of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables are grown in the US – about one our of every four bites of food
  • Bees generate wax that we use on a daily basis and honey that we eat for nourishment
  • Bee venom is used for medical therapies and studies to cure several types of diseases and ailments

Our Medical System and Healthcare as we know it today would not exist without Nurses. Like the bee;

  • Nurses work hard and are dedicated to the patients and communities they serve
  • Nurses have very specific skills and roles in our healthcare system that are highly specialized that provide the foundation for our medical system
  • There are (an overall gap 25%+) nurses we need today to fulfill the healthcare demand to sustain a healthy society
  • Nurses are in decline and we expect to see one million nurses retire over the next 10 years (25% of the nursing population)