Have a favorite podcast?

You know, the one you put on when you’re working around the house, on your commute or getting your exercise session in.

How about a favorite nursing podcast? If you’re a nurse or nursing student and you’re not tuning in to the myriad of nursing podcasts online, you’re missing out.

There are so many great nursing podcasts that keep you current on healthcare news, help you advance your nursing career, get contact hours and just have a good laugh sharing experiences with fellow nurses.

So if you’re a podcast fan, or even if you’ve never tried one, we’ve collected the 10 best nursing podcasts on the web today for you to try.

Charge up your Airpods and get ready to download hours of podcast listening that speak to everything nursing.

You know you’ve got to have a good sense of humor to be a nurse – and this podcasts nails it. Hosted by Adrianne Behning, BSN, RN, the Nursing Uncensored Podcast is one of the top-rated nursing podcasts out there. Get nursing hacks, tips & tricks, interesting interviews and info on current events. Funny and relatable, you’re going to love this one.

Looking for advice to upgrade your nursing career, information and a little inspiration? Nurse Keith (NC-BC) is host of the  The Nurse Keith Show focuses on helping nurses develop the skills they need to advance their careers. With Nurse Keith’s 20 years of experience in home healthcare, public health, case management, and ambulatory care, along with guests from every corner of the healthcare profession, his podcast is a wealth of information.

Want to stay informed on the latest developments in healthcare and nursing but are short on time? The Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts  will keep you up to date on all the latest news and discoveries in an easy to digest one minute format.

Feel like sitting down with a couple of fellow nurses and swapping war stories? Nurses Nacole and Ashley host The Working Nurse Podcast answering your questions from a graduate nurse and veteran nurse perspective. With a good dose of humor and fun, they discuss a wide range of topics and nursing-related issues while sharing real stories from real nurses.

At Johnson & Johnson Nursing Notes Live you’ll get exclusive interviews with healthcare innovators, hard-hitting panel discussions about vital topics and current nursing news. You can also check out their See You Now podcast that spotlights nursing innovation and leadership.

The Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast has a clever take on the nursing podcast. It uses a Good Guy/Bad Guy concept to highlight positive influences in the health profession while uncovering the darker aspects of the field. Incorporating light-hearted fun plus deep thought-provoking exploration you’ll hear true-crime type stories of bad guys and gals in the healthcare industry, special guest interviews and how to overcome the challenges nurses face on a daily basis.

Nursing Today offers its incredible lecture series in a podcast form. Featuring outstanding talks and presentations by speakers who presented at the University of Washington discussing trends in healthcare, nursing career development, legal and professional issues, patient safety and more. Even better – nursing students can receive contact hours with these podcasts.

Nursing Review magazine is on the cutting-edge of healthcare news. The Nursing Review Podcast includes content from professionals working directly in their fields. With relevant, timely topics and information, you’ll be current on all the hot button issues.

This podcast isn’t for the kids, but it’ll have your sides aching. Real stories about the “$#!t Nurses See”, the Scissors N Scrubs Podcast is hosted by two hilariously uncensored Boston nurses who tell it like it is.

For practicing nurses and nursing students alike, the Your Next Shift Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC, will give you the resources and education to up-level your nursing career. Learn how to shift your mindset to accomplish your career goals with entrepreneurial tools.


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